‘Yuri’ And Coach Morris Promise A Future In The Fast Lane

Growing up in the south, an athletic director’s term was similar to that of the pope. Tusk to Tail came of age as Hog fans during the 1978 Orange Bowl, the season Frank Broyles had become full-time athletic director after three years as coach and AD.  Broyles remained in charge for another 30 years before retiring in 2007, and continued to serve as an ambassador for Arkansas ath-a-letics until his death last August.

It’s hard to follow a legend.

Ten years after Broyles retired, some still considered his successor Jeff Long a carpet bagger, a Yankee businessman more concerned with raising revenue and academic standards than he was with wins and losses. Long was good at his job, goading boosters to “answer the call” and “never yield” while erecting a monument to extreme wealth in the North endzone. The building he demolished to build new luxury suites and private loge boxes just happened to have been named after Broyles. Legacy schmegacy.    MORE

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