Xinie, Cleburne County’s New K-9


Back in the spring of 2017, the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office began fundraising to replace its existing K9, Zeke, who was in poor health and badly needed to retire. The community responded in a huge way, raising just under $13,000 by the fall of 2017!

The Sheriff’s Office also partnered with a calendar company, of which the proceeds were to go toward the purchase of a new K9, equipment, and drug enforcement and education. The calendar project brought in $4,500, creating advertising for our local businesses, as well helping us reach the goal of welcoming our new dog, Xinie! 

Xinie is a female German Shepherd from the Czech Republic, purchased through a Police K9 Supplier in North Little Rock.

With the community’s donations, and the calendar project, we were able to purchase her, as well as some much-needed equipment.

Xinie is a dual-purpose dog, which means she has the ability to locate and alert to the presence of narcotics, evidence, and people. She also has the ability to protect her handler, as well as apprehend criminals if they attempt to flee. At least in this case, her bite IS worse than her bark!    MORE

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