Womack Wants To Fix ‘Broken Process’

Steve Womack

U.S. Rep. Steve Womack, R-Rogers, who will be installed as the next House Budget Committee chairman, said he wants to fix the “broken process” of federal budgeting and he predicted that a government shutdown will be averted.

In an exclusive interview with Talk Business & Politics from Washington, D.C., Womack said that he will spend his early days as chairman of the powerful committee assessing staff and planning how to end the staccato approach to budgeting that has dogged Congress for years.

“The highest priority that I have, and this is what I told our steering committee last night that made the decision on my selection, is that we’ve got a broken process right now. As I explained last night, the House appropriators on which I serve, finished its work six months ago for 2018 fiscal, and four months ago, the House acted on the floor, and yet we have the government funded through next Friday. That’s a broken process,” he said.   MORE

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