Wireless Spending Jumps To $94 Per Month As Ties To Landlines Cut

New data from the U.S. Labor Department shows wireless phone service accounted for the lion’s share of telephone spending for much of the last decade as older Americans are increasingly cutting ties to fixed landlines that are copper-wired to the home.

The May volume of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ “Beyond the Numbers” report highlights new Consumer Expenditure Survey data showing that in 2017 the average consumer unit spent $1,118, or about $94 per month, on cellular phone service.

That accounts for 82% of total telephone spending, or almost 2% of total spending for the average U.S. consumer, states the report, comparing total cellular phone service spending in 2007 with that in 2017, by age group, income quintile, size of household, as well as by 2017 generational group.      MORE

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