Westside Tops In AYSSP Seniors; Nashville Repeats In Juniors

JACKSONVILLE – On May 4, all of Westside’s senior high trap shooters lined up and, hockey or baseball style, congratulated its region rival, the Black squad from Corning High School, for winning the Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program’s East Regional championship. The way Corning won that day, only missing 7 shots out of 250, it deserved the accolades.

But Saturday, June 1, it was the Westside Warriors’ top five-person shooting squad, the Red team, that left the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation’s Jacksonville Shooting Sports Complex with the biggest bragging rights and the congratulations from its rivals. Facing Corning Black head to head for the AYSSP Senior State Championship at the end of a long day of shooting, Westside’s fivesome missed just two of 125 targets, winning 123-119 to take the championship.

“It was great to pull off a win,” Westside’s coach, Ryan Tolbert, said. “Corning is a great team and we do compete against them a lot. It’s a rivalry, but a friendly rivalry. We shoot against them a lot and shoot with them a lot. We know the coaches and most of their kids. We knew going in that Corning was one of the top squads and anticipated they would be in the finals, and we wanted to be in there with them. We also knew Cabot had a great squad. The last couple of rounds were really tough.”    MORE

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