Walmart Tests FAST Unloader

Walmart FASTloader

The highest turnover among jobs in Walmart supercenters are with employees who unload trucks. The retailer hopes the use of an automated unloading conveyor system from Casi not only reduces employee turnover but also improves on-shelf product availability.

During the recent Walmart shareholders week, the media were provided a glimpse of the system at Walmart Store No. 5260 in Rogers. The system, now being tested in 30 stores, reduces the number of people needed to physically unload trucks and allows for product to reach the shelves faster, according to the retailer.

John Crecelius, vice president of central operations for Walmart U.S., told the media Walmart began testing the FAST unloader in a busy Plano Texas store about 18 months ago, and more units have been placed in some of the busiest stores, including the supercenter at Pleasant Grove Road in Rogers. He said Walmart has continued to tweak operations to perfect it for optimum efficiencies in the retail setting.   MORE

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