Walmart Seeks To Reimagine Shopping Areas

Walmart concept

With more than 4,600 U.S. store locations, Walmart continues to seek opportunities to use its massive footprint in unique ways such as anchoring “town centers” to improve consumer experiences.

L.B. Johnson, vice president of realty operations at Walmart U.S., spoke recently to a group of real estate developers in Atlanta about the company’s concept to reimagine space around stores. The “town center” concept outlined by Walmart allows for development in parking lots, empty fields and other space adjacent to select Supercenters and Neighborhood Market locations, including the store  at 5000 W. Pauline Whitaker Parkway in Rogers.

“We are very early in the conceptual planning process. We’ve identified locations where there is potential opportunity for a reimagined Walmart project, ut the process ultimately depends on identifying the right developer partners and communities that welcome the type of innovative development we envision,” Walmart spokeswoman Delia Garcia told Talk Business & Politics.    MORE

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