Walmart Will “Go Hard” On Connecting E-Commerce With Stores

Walmart executives talk often about “frictionless shopping.” Greg Foran, CEO of Walmart U.S., and Marc Lore, CEO of Walmart U.S. eCommerce, recently told the media the retailer will be more aggressive in connecting e-commerce to its more than 4,700 stores.

“Customers today are ambidextrous and they see just one Walmar,” Foran said. “You are going to see [Walmart] go hard after omnichannel shoppers because they spend twice as much as those who just shop in stores.”

Walmart records 150 million sales transactions a week in its U.S. stores and millions are also made online, but the sweet spot for the retailer is when shoppers utilize both – omnichannel – shopping formats. Foran said the supply chain has to be aligned for omnichannel to work efficiently. He said for the better part of two years investments have been made in additional fulfillment capacity and in technology deployed in stores.    MORE

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