Walmart Revamps Jewelry Department, To Add Exclusive Line

Walmart may not be a jewelry destination, but the retail giant sells millions of dollars of bling in its stores each year. The category is worth $18.6 billion among all U.S. retailers. Walmart began evaluating its jewelry departments last year and is making changes to department layouts.

The Bentonville-based retail giant said it will continue to sell “fine jewelry” in stores where there is demand, but the glass cases in other stores will be removed. Walmart said the decision to keep or lose the fine jewelry under glass is being determined on a case-by-case basis.

Since April 2018, Walmart’s roughly 1,000 stores have already undergone the redesign. About one-third of those stores did not have jewelry sales to justify keeping the glass cases, which require an employee be assigned to staff the area during store hours. Those stores will no longer offer finer jewelry items such as diamonds and gemstones set in gold or silver. Walmart will sell costume jewelry, watches and other accessories that hang on modular racks or spinner displays.    MORE

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