Walmart AMP $13.9 Million Expansion

Walmart AMP

Since opening in 2014, the Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion has been a primary amenity driving Northwest Arkansas’s growing arts and entertainment economy. In the past five years the Walton Arts Center, which owns the AMP, has sold more than 781,000 tickets to 165 concerts or community events at the AMP. In 2018, more than 200,000 patrons attended a combined 31 events at the venue just off Interstate 49 in Rogers.

“It’s been pretty amazing what we’ve been able to accomplish,” Walmart AMP Vice President Brian Crowne said. “We have a great team, but we are always looking for opportunities to do things better.”

Friday (Nov. 2) morning, details of those opportunities were announced. More than 100 supporters gathered inside a tent in the backstage area of the AMP to hear information about a $13.9 million expansion. The announcement was led by Crowne and Walton Arts Center CEO Peter Lane.    MORE

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