Wall Street Estimates Third Quarter Income Dip For Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart Stores reports third quarter earnings early Thursday (Nov. 16) and Wall Street consensus is 97-cents per share, or $2.902 billion in net income. This would be a 1% decline from the 98 cents per share earned in the year-ago period.

Analysts expect revenue of $120 billion, improving about 2.3% from the $118 billion reported a year ago. For the retailer’s U.S. segment, revenue is expected to be $76.7 billion, up 2.9% year-over-year. Likewise, Sam’s Club revenue is projected at $14.5 billion, up 2.5% annually, while the Walmart International segment revenue estimate is $28.5 billion, up less than 1% from the year-ago period.

Same-store sales are expected to be up 2% for the Walmart U.S. stores which would be an improvement from the 1.2% gains a year ago. Sam’s Club comparable sales are expected to up 1.4%, even with the year-ago figure.   MORE

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