Vacationers Beware Of Travel Scams

Consumer Protection

Arkansans should be aware of common scams when planning or taking a vacation this summer.

“Countless Arkansans look to summer vacation as a chance to get away and relax, but con artists become creative and recognize this as another opportunity to steal from honest people,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “Arkansans should not let their guard down, even on vacation. Whether it’s at home, on the beach or by the lake, we all need to remain diligent in protecting our money and personal information.”

All vacationers should exercise caution when booking travel accommodations. Some scammers will take to the internet or phone lines to pitch free or deeply discounted travel deals, trying to convince unknowing vacationers that the only requirement is a “small” processing fee or credit card number verification. Others will post stolen photos and listing information for properties they do not own, take the cash from reservations and leave vacationers without a place to stay.   MORE

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