USDA Announces Surplus Catfish Purchase

On Friday, the United States Department of Agriculture announced plans to purchase surplus catfish products for distribution to various food nutrition assistance programs. These purchases are commonly referred to as Section 32 “Bonus Buys.” The purchases are not funded through taxpayer dollars but are instead funded through customs receipts collected by the U.S.
Government from imported products.

State Agriculture Department leadership from the major catfish producing states of Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, and Louisiana submitted a letter of support to Secretary Perdue regarding the request from the catfish industry for the USDA
to purchase surplus catfish products through their Section 32 Authority.
“Aquaculture and catfish production is an important segment of Arkansas agriculture,” says Arkansas Agriculture Secretary Wes Ward. “We appreciate Secretary Perdue’s support of this important industry and his understanding of the impact that this industry and its producers have on our state’s rural areas. This approval not only helps the industry but also helps to make sure that a healthy protein is available for food nutrition assistance programs.     MORE
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