UCA Sign Controversy

Emotions continue to run high at the University of Central Arkansas after the administration removed a quote by Lady Gaga that read, “Being gay is like glitter, it never goes away” from a sign in front of the Torreyson Library.

UCA President Houston Davis responded Wednesday in a statement to Faculty, Staff, and Students saying in part “I wanted to provide an update to all of you of what has occurred, and what I have learned, since my email to you yesterday regarding the Torreyson Library sign.

I understand that the removal of this quote has caused fury and sadness across campus. My observation that the library sign is a university platform and should be reviewed as such has morphed into a debate about UCA’s values and commitment to diversity. I am very sorry that this has been the outcome and that anyone has felt unwelcome or silenced. That was certainly never my intention. We are absolutely committed to supporting our LGBTQ students and our entire campus community.”


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