Uber Plans Flying Car Test In Dallas By 2020, UA Engineer Involved In Research

Advancements in two realms of technology have brought flying cars — a concept that has captured the public’s imagination for years — closer to reality, according to a NASA researcher.

Uber plans to test a flying car service in Dallas by 2020. From there, key areas throughout the globe could see systems in place by 2025 or 2030, and in 20 years flying cars could be integrated into daily life throughout the world, said Ken Goodrich, senior research engineer at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Norfolk, Va. His experience lies in autonomous controls, and he has worked at NASA on projects aimed at bringing forth high-speed, on-demand mobility.

“It’s one of the holy grails of aviation,” said Goodrich, referring to the expanded use of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircrafts. “It’s something we’re excited to participate in at NASA. Our role is in answering some of the difficult questions.”   MORE

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