UAMS’ Mehta Named to Forbes’ Physician Honor Roll

UAMS’ Jay (Jawahar) L. Mehta, M.D., Ph.D., is one of 27 cardiologists across the country being recognized by Forbes as an exemplary physician in the field of cardiology.

Many individuals on the list have served in the top spots of multiple hospitals and contribute a wealth of clinical research to advance the practice, in addition to serving on community boards and national organizations.

Mehta is a professor of internal medicine and physiology/biophysics in the College of Medicine and holds the Howard and Elsie Stebbins Chair in cardiology. He serves on several major journal editorial boards and is a member of many prestigious academic societies including the American Society for Clinical Investigation and Association of American Physicians. He is internationally recognized for his groundbreaking research related to blood clotting and heart attacks. His findings in the 1970s on the role of blood platelets helped lead to new anti-clotting drugs.   MORE

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