UA Professor Argues Support For STEAM Education Misplaced

The STEM education movement, a push for K-12 educators to put more focus on science, technology, engineering and math, has in recent years yielded some ground to the STEAM effort, which advocates intertwining STEM studies with the arts.

The STEM movement is rooted in reports of a lack of adequate training in those subjects for American students and a need for a stronger pipeline as more careers are created within those fields. The STEAM movement, advocates say, is meant to enhance STEM education by adding arts, humanities and design, in an effort to drive innovation and promote creative thinking.

Jay Greene, distinguished professor and head of the University of Arkansas Department of Education Reform in Fayetteville, sees another motive behind the STEAM movement — one where arts advocates view glomming onto subjects that are popular from a policy perspective as a means to preserving arts education — and he thinks it’s a mistake.    MORE

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