U.S. To See “Slow Growth” Economy

James Bullard

St. Louis Fed President James Bullard on Wednesday offered a cautious assessment of the nation’s economy, saying the U.S. is in a “slow growth era” with downside risk in 2018 due to possible interest rate hikes, low inflation and a potential trade war with China.

“I think the overall message is that the U.S. economy is doing very well right now, so this is mostly a talk about things or risks that could go wrong because this is what with we get paid to do as … central bankers,” said Bullard, one of five Federal Reserve presidents who serves on the 19-person Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) that makes U.S. monetary policy.

Bullard was the keynote speaker at the Arkansas Bankers Association and Arkansas State Bank Department’s Day with the Commissioner. As one of the presidents of the 12 regional districts within the Federal Reserve, Bullard oversees the expansive Eighth District that includes all of Arkansas and six other states.    MORE

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