U.S. Marshals Museum Fundraising Target Down To $17.1 Million

The United States Marshals Museum continues to make progress on fundraising targets ahead of its Sept. 24, 2019 opening day. At a quarterly meeting on Tuesday, USMM President and CEO Patrick Weeks revealed the museum had $17.1 million left to raise, down an estimated $700,000 since July 26th.

Weeks also voiced his support for the Kelley Highway extension that would provide easier access to the museum once it opens.

New museum budget figures place the total project cost at around $49.266 million, down almost $10 million from estimates two years ago. The previous figure included over $5 million in land donations. Adding those back into the budget places the total project cost around $54 million, with the museum picking up about $4 million in savings through a design retool and value engineering, Weeks said.   MORE

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