U.S. House Must Re-Vote On Republican’s $1.5 Trillion Tax Code Overhaul

U.S. House members will on Wednesday (Dec.. 20) have to recast their votes on the $1.5 trillion tax cut bill after Republican leaders and rank-and-file members prematurely celebrated a pre-Christmas gift to President Donald Trump and his first major legislative victory since entering the White House nearly a year ago.

Earlier Tuesday, by a vote 227-203, the U.S. House passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, marking the first time the nation’s tax code has been overhauled since former President Ronald Reagan was in office. All four of Arkansas’ congressmen voted in support of House Resolution I, which was approved largely along party lines.

However, the U.S. House must now revote on the legislation because of fears the so-called “Byrd rule” may be invoked because several provisions of the Congressional Budget Act were not considered. Under the Byrd rule, the Senate is prohibited from considering extraneous matter as part of a reconciliation bill or resolution or conference report.    MORE

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