Two Arrested After Drug Bust

Bethany Edley-Watts

A marijuana growing operation was busted Monday in the Bethesda area by the Independence County Sheriff’s Department.

Following a public tip, officers served a search warrant at 40 Leaper Road, the residence of 39-year old Bethany Danylle Edley-Watts and 29-year old Bobby Bennett.

Authorities found 37 marijuana plants being grown inside the home. Sheriff Shawn Stephens said the couple was using grow lights and heaters in the operation. Those items were seized along with several other pieces of equipment used in the operation. Officers also seized a large amount of dry marijuana.

Both Edley-Watts and Bennett were taken into custody and are being charged with manufacturing marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia with the purpose to manufacture, grow, produce and cultivate marijuana.

Bobby Bennett
Bobby Bennett

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