Timber Harvest Adds Food, Habitat For Wildlife

LITTLE ROCK – Cutting a tree, let alone an oak, seems like a sin to many hunters. These beneficial trees produce the acorns that are seen as the lifeblood of hunting season. Many a hunter has placed their deer stand based on the availability of a hot section of forest where the acorns are dropping, and more than one hunter has called foul when they see small sections of their favorite duck woods suddenly logged and resulting brushy areas beginning to grow.

There’s more at work than just a logging operation. Rob Willey, statewide habitat program coordinator for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission helps explain how to see the proverbial forest for the trees.

“Our only motivation in these cuts is improving the wildlife habitat,” Willey said. “And good wildlife habitat is disturbance dependent. Cutting trees, prescribed fire, injecting trees to create snags all increase the diversity of what’s available for wildlife in a forest.”    MORE

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