Tim Griffin: “Government Must Transform”

Arkansas Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin isn’t a fan of government as usual, and he’s telling Arkansans they shouldn’t be either. Griffin was in Fort Smith on Friday (June 1) to spread his message of transformation to the Fort Smith Regional Chamber of Commerce.

In a 30-minute address, Griffin touched on “killing ‘the TOW Tax,’” operating government more like a business, and embracing new technologies through both operational efficiencies and educational focus so Arkansas is governing “like it’s 2018, not 1918.”

On the mysterious TOW Tax, a term Griffin coined, he said he wanted to “get bumper stickers made that say, ‘Kill the TOW Tax’” — The Old Way Tax — because taxpayers are paying “more taxes than you should so your government can do things the old way. That means services are done inefficiently or not well at all, and as a result, you have fewer services at a higher cost.”   MORE

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