This Is 2018: Adults Having Birthday Parties At The Gym

When San Francisco-based wellness coach Caroline Jordan turned 31, she wanted to host a big celebration in a nightclub. She wanted to play her favorite music and get sweaty, but she didn’t want to feel pressure to wear heels or drink alcohol.

Instead, she rented out a club called City Nights and hosted a “Birthday Bootycamp.”

Her friends spread out among the nightclub’s various stages as she led them in a routine of squats and lunges under a glimmering disco ball. The night culminated in all of the students doing 31 burpees.

Jordan is one of an increasing number of young people who are shunning the bar in favor of the barre (or the spin bike, squat rack or yoga mat). To celebrate their birthdays, they sign their friends up for 5K races, or convince them to join them for a SoulCycle class.   MORE

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