The Supply Side: Post-Toys R Us Era, Toy Category Quickly Moving Online

Toys are one of the latest retail categories to quickly move online in the post-Toys R Us era. Toys R Us exited the market following its January 2018 bankruptcy and liquidation, leaving retailers like Amazon and Walmart to double down on efforts to win the up-for-grabs market share.

A recent report from Boston-based Profitero looked at the category and the vacuum created from the absence of Toys R Us. The 41-page report concluded while Walmart was an early winner with 43% of respondents who previously shopped Toys R Us now shopping Walmart, the industry overall is gravitating online.

Amazon ranked second in the Profitero survey with 33% of respondents saying they have previously shopped Toys R Us. Target was third at 17% and specialty toy stores garnered just 6% of the respondent’s share.      MORE

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