Technology Gaps Could Cost Average Retailer $300,000 This Holiday Season

A new study from retail management provider Brightpearl indicates just 58% of retailers have invested in the right technology to help handle holiday sales spikes.

The study said the rest of the retail sector’s lack of investment could result in more than $300,000 of added costs to the average retailer this holiday season. Brightpearl surveyed 350 retailers from very large to small in size.

Brightpearl data indicated retail automation technology helps retailers save the equivalent of 57.5 days a year by eliminating time spent on repetitive administrative tasks. The likelihood of negative customer service because of human error has also been reduced by up to 65%.

One of the major reasons consumers say they don’t shop brick and mortar stores during the holiday season is because of crowds and poor customer service, according a recent survey by Field Agent. Brightpearl said retailers that have automated fulfillment and streamlined the front-end experience have an advantage over those who don’t.   MORE

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