Successful Economies In Nation’s Heartland Tied Strongly To Entrepreneurism

Ross DeVol, formerly the chief researcher at the economic think tank Milken Institute in California who now does similar work for the Walton Family Foundation in Bentonville, has released a new report highlighting economic trends that are having a positive impact on areas of America’s heartland.

The research, “Micropolitan Success Stories from the Heartland,” outlines a blueprint of success in building strong economies in Middle America.

“There’s been a lot of consternation about how the heartland, the center of the country, is underperforming,” DeVol said. “Especially in smaller communities, and even up to small or even medium-sized metros. A lot of tech executives have said demeaning things about the heartland. I wanted to look at communities that are performing well in the heartland and try and understand what is driving that. Why are they performing better than others?”   MORE

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