Study: ‘Sofa Sunday’ To Influence Cyber Monday Shoppers

An often-overlooked shopping day is finding its niche amid the highly-anticipated Black Friday weekend.

While holiday retail buzz has primarily revolved around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, “Sofa Sunday” — the day before Cyber Monday —plays an essential role shaping U.S. consumer purchase plans for “the longest shopping day of the year.” In fact, on Sofa Sunday, nearly three-quarters (71%) of respondents will spend time deal-searching — and many will do so from the comfort of their homes, according to a new study from Valassis.

Two-thirds of shoppers will spend the same or more time researching savings on Sofa Sunday than actually shopping on Cyber Monday. Specifically, 45% of shoppers will spend two or more hours researching deals on Sunday. These deal seekers are most likely to do so via their desktop/laptop computers (52%) and mobile phones (36%).    MORE

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