Closing Loopholes For Fentanyl Traffickers

Leslie Rutledge

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge announced on Thursday that she has joined a bipartisan group of 52 state and territory attorneys general calling on Congress to pass the Stopping Overdoses of Fentanyl Analogues (SOFA) Act, co-sponsored by Senator Tom Cotton. This act is intended to close a loophole that allows those trafficking deadly fentanyl to stay a step ahead of law enforcement.

“Opioid addiction is a multi-faceted problem,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “Unfortunately, many addicts are turning to the extremely lethal fentanyl when opioids are hard to find or become too expensive. It is important that Congress take steps to close loopholes in our laws by adapting to societal changes to include more stringent punishment for criminal activity. I am proud to sign onto this letter, taking another step to combat this complex crisis by supporting the federal government’s efforts to close gaps in the system that allow dangers drugs, like fentanyl, onto our streets and homes.”    MORE

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