Software Provider Strives For Same-Day Delivery

As internet retailers move to brick and mortar and brick-and-mortar retailers use stores to fulfill online orders, the move to same-day delivery of goods has come into focus for retailers. And recently, solution architect Robert Oliver of Quintiq showed how the company’s software could work to achieve same-day delivery at world-record efficiency.

E-commerce company Amazon took another step toward same-day delivery when it received a patent on plans for its delivery drones. Plans show how the drone would fall apart in the event of an issue related to “weather conditions, equipment malfunctions and other problems,” according to the patent. Parts of the drone would fall off in specific areas such as over water, forests, fields and “other locations more suitable for dropping components of the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).” Amazon’s Prime Air drones are expected to deliver shipments up to five pounds in 30 minutes or less, according to the company.

Quintiq is based in the Netherlands and is a subsidiary of Paris-based Dassault Systems.   MORE

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