Social Media School Shooting Threat

Several school districts, as well as numerous police departments, have posted information on social media about a possible threat this week to a school with police departments saying they take all threats made seriously.

The Arkansas State Police has been in close contact in recent days with the Federal Bureau of Investigation attempting to identify the source of an alleged threat of gun violence at an undisclosed Arkansas school reportedly planned for this Thursday.

At this time no corroborating evidence or useful details have been uncovered in regard to the information provided to the FBI.

The General Awareness Statement says the reporting party lives in another country, and his/her identity could not be confirmed. The reporting party allegedly received the information while playing an online video game. The threat is not specific to any school in Arkansas.

In the event more specific or credible information is received; it will be shared with local law enforcement offices, state and local school officials, as well as Arkansas citizens.

The Arkansas State Police asks that if anyone has information about a threat of violence whether the site of the threat may be a school or other public place, please contact your nearest Arkansas State Police Office or local law enforcement agency.

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