Shopping Insights For Black Friday

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Black Friday shopping and the week before and after have become some of the biggest shopping days of the winter holiday season. But with all the hype around Black Friday, pre-Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving Day shopping, it can be hard for consumers to know where and when to start.

WalletHub recently released noted the best bargains on average by store and category as well as cautions with respect to overpaying and knowing when it’s best to pay cash or charge the purchases.

WalletHub reports the two best department store retailers offering the biggest discounts on Black Friday this year are Belk and J.C. Penney. The two retailers average discounts are nearly 70%, according to the report. For this report, WalletHub surveyed nearly 7,000 deals from 35 of the biggest U.S. retailers’ 2018 Black Friday ads. Following are the top 10 best discounts by store.
• Belk: 68.9%
• J.C. Penney: 65.1%
• Stage: 62.1%
• Kohl’s: 60.8%
• New York & Co.: 54.5%
• Payless ShoeSource: 50.3%
• Dick’s Sporting Goods: 49.9%
• Macy’s: 48.7%
• Fred Meyer: 45.3%
• Sears: 42.9%

Target came in at 34.8%, Walmart at 29.9% and Amazon at 29.3%.     MORE

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