Senator Hendren: Tax Reform Task Force To Take Up Sales, Property Taxes

State Senator Jim Hendren, R-Gravette, co-chair of the Tax Reform And Relief Legislative Task Force, said the slow-moving start of his panel doesn’t concern him. It’s the third task force he’s worked on and it’s following a regular pattern.

“They’re very slow starting and it takes a long time to gather the data, and that’s really the phase we’re in now,” said Hendren, a guest on this week’s edition of Talk Business & Politics.

He said that the next two months will focus on some of the biggest components of the state’s tax base: sales taxes and property taxes.

“I think the meeting that we’ll have next month will be one of the first where we really begin to get some substantive data about where Arkansas sits and how we improve our position. We’re going to be talking about sales tax and excise tax. In the December meeting, we’re gonna be having representatives from several other states, from North Carolina, from Indiana, from Oklahoma, from Kansas come in and tell us what they learned as they’ve gone through reform. As you know, some of them have had good success and others have made a mess of things,” Hendren said.     MORE

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