Senate Approves $97 Million Tax Cut

5.9 Tax Cut Plan

Two South Arkansas Democratic senators flipped their votes on Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s $97 million tax cut bill on Wednesday, pushing the legislation to the House of Representatives where it is expected to find difficulty toward the same three-fourths votes to be enacted into law.

In the  first real test for Hutchinson’s broad agenda for the 92nd General Assembly, a super-majority of legislators gave the governor a quick 28-5 vote victory on Senate Bill 211 after losing a bruising floor debate a day earlier on retooling the state’s top income bracket.

“I am grateful for all the senators who supported the 5.9 tax cut plan and for the hard work displayed by senate leadership to achieve today’s successful vote,” Hutchinson said after his first major win of the 2019 session. “This commonsense approach to tax policy received more than three-fourths of the vote in the Senate. It has broad, bipartisan support, and that certainly gives it plenty of momentum as it goes to the House for final consideration.”    MORE

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