Scouts At Right Place And Right Time

High praise for some Faulkner County area boy scouts from Troop 392.

Last Friday, the group was on their way to St. Joseph, Missouri for camp weekend, when they came upon the scene of a wreck in Harrison.

An elderly couples car had gone off the road after hitting a telephone pole and was lodged in a ravine full of trees.

That’s when 13-year old Liam Daugherty says he and 14-year olds Charlie Lutz and Denver Chandler jumped into action with Tyler Lutz an Eagle Scout and adult leader.

Chandler, a sophomore at Conway High, held the door open to allow for them to administer first aid. Lutz, a freshman at Greenbrier High, held trees and barbwire down so first aid could be administered and Daugherty, an eighth grader at Conway Junior High, aided Tyler Lutz with first aid.

EMS workers and the firemen praised the scouts at what an amazing job they did with communication and staying calm.

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