Scholarship Lottery Nears $1 Billion Mark

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

Lottery director Bishop Woosley has been a part of the executive team for the nearly 10 years of the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, a public policy initiative championed by former Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter and passed by voters in 2008 by a 63-37% margin.

Woosley said by the time the 10-year mark hits in September 2019, there will likely be more than $990 million in lottery scholarships distributed to Arkansas students over the past decade.

“We will have topped 500,000 scholarships that have been handed out, so you think about what was available before we existed, which was roughly $20 million in general revenue. We’ve tacked on top of that,” he said. “I’m hoping that we have some type of legacy that people understand that, ‘hey, maybe I’m accruing a little bit less debt. Maybe I have an opportunity to go to a two-year school.’ Or you know, we have these new Workforce Challenge Scholarships, so hopefully an entire generation of Arkansans is going to look back and say, ‘you know, it was a little bit easier for me because that Scholarship Lottery existed.’” MORE

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