Rolling Meth Lab

Brandon Blankenship

Conway Police say a Faulkner County man is behind bars after authorities reportedly found a nearly-complete meth lab in his vehicle.

23-year-old Brandon Blankenship, of Conway, faces three counts of possession of drug paraphernalia and one count of possession of a controlled substance.

Blankenship was being held on a $15,000 bond.

A traffic stop on Sunday afternoon lead Conway Police to the suspected meth lab inside of his car.

Log Cabin Democrat reports of the items collected as evidence in Blankenship’s vehicle included:

  • A glass jar that had a “tri-layer solution” in it. The solution was “yellow on top” and had a narrow layer of white substance in the middle, covering a light brown liquid.
  • A light bulb that had the inside, electric portion removed and instead filled with a green liquid. At the bottom of the bulb was a thin layer “that had the consistency of wet sand.”
  • A water bottle labeled as “Clorinated Water.”
  • A glass jar that had a white, chalky substance inside. Sgt. Tom Kennedy said this piece appeared to be a “pill soak … [which is] a method using chemicals to extract chemicals out of medication such as psuedophedrine to utilize during a meth cook.”
  • A clear bottle filled with a green liquid that showed to have “acidic properties.”
  • A clear bottle filled with “a clear liquid.”
  • A glass jar that had a “very small amount of a yellow/brown liquid” that showed to have acidic properties.
  • A 2-liter with a “yellow/brown liquid” in it.
  • A 2-liter bottle that had a black liquid in it.
  • A bottle that was fashioned into a funnel with “a white residue” in it.
  • A spray bottle that read: “Danger: Contains Sulfuric Acid.”
  • A gallon-sized container labeled: “Muriatic Acid.”
  • A bottle labeled: “HEET.” Police said it “would be expected to be found at a “Red Phosphorus” methamphetamine cook.”
  • A cloth bag filled with cell phones. Each of the phones reportedly had its lithium battery removed, which is a “commonly-utilized” technique for those using a “one-pot” or “shake and bake” method to create meth, according to a report.
  • A white substance Blankenship claimed was formaldehyde. Authorities believed the substance was used as “a cutting agent.”
  • Several used and unused.
  • A baggie with suspected meth in it that was hidden in the air filter box. There was also a set of rubber gloves in the air filter box, the report states.
  • A pipe with suspected marijuana residue in it.
  • Boxes of “sore throat lozenges.”
  • Cold packs.
  • A “small amount” of marijuana.
  • A thermometer.
  • Pieces of tubing and a suspected meth pipe.
  • Empty pill capsules and a spoon.
  • A prescription bottle “with a faded label that contained 16 Hydroxyzine pills.”
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