Removal Of Traffic Signal In Hoxie


LAWRENCE COUNTY – Removal of the traffic signal at U.S. Highway 63B and State Highway 367 will require temporary traffic control measures in Hoxie, according to Arkansas Department of Transportation officials.

Weather permitting, crews from the City of Hoxie, G/G Electric, Union Pacific Railroad and ARDOT will remove the existing signal equipment at the intersection of U.S. Highway 63B and State Highway 367 starting at 8:00am on Tuesday, July 9th and continue until completed, which should be later that same day. Hoxie City Police will control traffic at the intersection during the work.

For several months the signal has operated in flash mode, requiring traffic from all four directions to stop. Upon removal, State Highway 367 will be free flowing and no longer be required to stop. U.S. Highway 63B and the opposing traffic from Lindsey Street will have stop signs.      MORE

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