Recreational Water Illness


Water quality can change quickly. In general, there is a higher risk of getting sick after a rainfall event or in cloudy water. Rainfall can wash contaminates into the water. Cloudy water due to runoff can contain contaminates that may be harmful. Not all of the contaminants can be seen by the naked eye.

Not all algae are harmful but some algae produce toxins that can make people and animals sick. It is not possible to tell if algae are producing toxins just by looking at the water. The size of the bloom is not related to the amount of toxins that could be present. Children and pets are at the greatest risk from swimming or drinking water when algae are present. You should never drink water when algae are present, even if you have filtered it first. Personal filter equipment and treatment options do not eliminate the risks associated with HABs. Never drink, cook or try to filter water affected by HABs.   MORE


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