Rayford Appointed To ADE Family And Community Engagement Coalition

The Arkansas Department of Education Division of Public School Accountability has appointed Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce COO Jamie Rayford to their Family and Community Engagement Coalition. Rayford also currently serves as a Community Resource Partner for ForwARd Arkansas.

In a letter received Thursday, the Arkansas Commissioner of Education Johnny Key and Deputy Commissioner Ivy Pfeffer welcomed Rayford to the coalition alongside other state-wide stakeholders who are charged with creating the state framework for Family and Community Engagement.

“As we work to lead the nation in student-focused education and transition into implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act, we have begun our work in supporting districts and schools with creating powerful partnerships with families and communities. We know that these partnerships play a crucial role in preparing students to be college, career, and community ready. Thank you for your dedication to this effort, and we appreciate the ideas, knowledge, and lens you will bring to this group as our team begins this important work for the students of Arkansas, “ wrote Key and Pfeffer.

The appointment comes on the heels of Rayford’s work with ForwARd Arkansas and her leadership of two county-wide committees of educators that designed and executed this summer’s Education Summit in Batesville. It was one of the largest and most extensive family and community engagement opportunities focused on public school plans and accountability held in Arkansas this year.

About The Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce:

The Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce is the leading voice of business in Independence County, providing advocacy, promotion and resources for chamber members. The Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce sets the standard for excellence in member service, community collaboration, business growth and achieving a high quality of life in the Batesville area.

About ForwARd Arkansas:

ForwARd is a public-private partnership established by the Arkansas Department of Education, the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation to serve their shared strategic interests to achieve an order of magnitude increase in student achievement, wage growth, and economic prosperity for the state of Arkansas.

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