Push For Casinos And Highway Funding


A new citizens’ group, Driving Arkansas Forward, has organized to push for a constitutional amendment that would allow three casinos to be built in Arkansas with the bulk of the tax revenue dedicated to highway funding.

The proposal would allow a casino to be built in Jefferson County, Crittenden County, and either Miller, Mississippi, Pope, Union or White counties. The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration’s Lottery Division would oversee the issuance of licenses, which would be handled through a merit-based selection method. There can be no more than three casinos statewide and no more than one in each county.

“Our highway system must be a priority if Arkansas wants to remain competitive nationally and provide the best economic opportunities to our residents,” said Nate Steel, counsel for Driving Arkansas Forward. “This amendment focuses on highway funding while creating a fair, transparent and merit-based process for issuing gaming licenses. We can no longer afford to lose potential gaming revenue to surrounding states when we have the opportunity to keep that money here and create jobs in communities that need them.”    MORE

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