Publisher’s Clearinghouse SCAM Alert

Mountain View Police are warning of a possible scam circulating.

A local resident was contacted stating that she was a winner to Publisher’s Clearing House – she was a little skeptical since she has never entered.

She stated the man told her she won a 2019 Mercedes and 3 million dollars. The man told her to go to Wal-Mart and get a master card prepaid card in the amount of $350.00 then return home and call him back and give him the number off the card. It was to handle fees and taxes.

She didn’t call him back and he called three more times.. She was a 91 year old living by herself and was shook up from this… Definitely a scam.. you should never have to send money to get money.. also Publishers Clearing House wont ever call. They take pride in coming to your house and visiting with the camera crew and a big check.

Please don’t give in to these scams. They are targeting folks they think they can entice with the new car and promise of money.

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