Productive Month For CADTF


Central Arkansas Drug Task Force officials have released the July Investigations and Assignments statistics.

Last month, CADTF officers worked 26 new cases seizing nearly $358,000 worth of drugs. The agency also seized three vehicles, one weapon and over $2,500 in cash.

Among the drugs seized were 34-hundred grams of methamphetamine, 95 grams of Cocaine, 43 grams of marijuana and two grams of crack cocaine. Also seized was 129 prescription pills.

There were 15 arrests with 13 charges pending.

When you compare those numbers to the recently released 2nd quarter statistics, the activity of the unit in the last month becomes clear.

During the months of April – June, CADTF agents worked 82 new cases, seizing $272,321 worth of drugs.

Officers also seized one vehicle, 24 weapons and  $3,912 in cash.

Among the drugs seized were 1,009.65 grams of methamphetamine, 33,253.9 grams of marijuana, 161.6 grams of Cocaine and 766 prescription pills.

There were 53 arrests with 33 charges pending.

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