Private Club Permits, Alcohol Tax


A “Committee of the Whole” meeting of the Searcy City Council has been called for Friday.

The purpose of the meeting is the presentation of a comprehensive salary analysis; Discussion of an ordinance amending the Searcy Code of Ordinance; amending Chapter 4 of the Searcy Code of Ordinances; establishing procedures related to application for private club permits under Arkansas Law; and discussion for the implementation of a tax on alcoholic beverages sold within the City limits.

Tomorrow’s meeting begins at 5:00pm at the Searcy City Council Chambers of City Hall, 401 West Arch Avenue.

According to Searcy Regional Chamber of Commerce President Buck Layne, the chamber board took a position in 2017 supporting the Private Clubs applications. The board agreed to pass a resolution at the Tuesday meeting in regards to the Searcy Regional Chamber of Commerce renewing and restating their position.  The board feels it is in the socioeconomic best interests of the City of Searcy to continue the practice of issuing permits to serve alcohol by the glass to applicants who meet the criteria deemed appropriate by the State of Arkansas.

A copy of the Chamber Resolution will be placed in the Alderman’s Packets and presented Friday’s Committee of the Whole meeting.

The chamber is encouraging all members and friends to attend the meeting in support of the chamber’s position.


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