Prairie County Arrests

As of Wednesday, Aug. 8, the Prairie County Sheriff’s Department currently has 45 individuals in custody on both felony and/or misdemeanor charges at the Prairie County Detention Center, located in Des Arc.

Recent additions include — one female for misdemeanor, zero female on a felony, four males on felony and one male for misdemeanor — charges.

Recent arrests include:

* Justin Phillips was arrested on a felony probation revocation charge;

* Robert West was picked up on a felony possession of methamphetamine/cocaine with intent to deliver charge;

* Roger Chrisp was arrested on conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine and use of communication device, which is a felony offense;

* James Hernard was arrested on a felony possession of controlled substance, failure to appear warrant and failure to to comply;

* Chelsea Green was picked up on a failure to appear charge along with a misdemeanor failure to comply charge; and

* Fred Johnson was arrested on terroristic threatening, driving on a suspended license, careless driving and refusal of Breathalyzer test.   MORE

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