Oaklawn, Southland Casino-Style Wagering Tops $5 Billion In 2017

Wagering at Arkansas’ only two casinos – Oaklawn and Southland – hit the proverbial jackpot in 2017, topping $5 billion in gambling revenue. The dollar figures only reflect electronic games of skill (EGS), which include gambling spent on video blackjack, poker, slot machines and other electronic casino-style games, not horse or dog racing wagers.

According to statistics from the Arkansas Racing Commission, gamblers at Southland in West Memphis put $3.061 billion in machines for a lucky chance to win throughout 2017. The largest month for activity for Southland was in March 2017 when wagers topped $305,134,267.

At Oaklawn in Hot Springs, the horse track’s casino brought in $1.941 billion in wagers for games of skill. Oaklawn’s largest monthly total was also March 2017 when wagers exceeded $202,221,921.    MORE

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