New Suppliers Get Tips On Doing Business With Wal-Mart

Getting products on Wal-Mart shelves is still thought of as reaching the Holy Grail for many suppliers, but the journey can be long and challenging in what is a highly competitive retail landscape, according to veteran suppliers who spoke recently at the Fast Start supplier summit held in Bentonville.

Derek Ridenoure, a national account manager for CF Sauer, said when talking with buyers the focus is always on the customer. He said staying true to founder Sam Walton’s mantra — the customer is always first — buyer teams always have the customer in mind.

Ridenoure spent 12 years at Wal-Mart, working in operations and asset management for the retail giant until 2006. He said the days of merchants “stacking it deep and selling it cheap” are long gone for the retail giant as the power has shifted toward the customer.   MORE

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