New December Scratch-Off Games

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery is doing its part to make this the most wonderful time of the year with the release of five new instant games including one scratch-off ticket with a top prize of one million dollars!

Million Dollar Winner is the new $20 scratch-off ticket with a one-million dollar top prize, just as its name suggests. It joins such beloved games as Arkansas Millions, which launched in January –and still has a $1 million prize waiting to be claimed.

Meanwhile, $5 Multiplier Money’s top prize is $100,000, and $3 Bingo Bonus (with three different scenes) has a $75,000 top prize. Rounding out the December launch of new games are $2 Cash Money, with four scenes and a $20,000 top prize; and $1 Lottery Ticket, with two scenes and a $3,000 top prize.    MORE

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