New Arkansas Laws

July 1st saw some new laws take effect in Arkansas.

The first allowing Arkansas to collect sales tax on online purchases from out-of-state retailers.

The measure is expected to add $35.4 million to state budget reserves, including a $24.5 million spike in general revenue, a Department of Finance Administration analysis shows.

Governor Asa Hutchinson signed the measure in April as part of a $97 million plan to cut the state’s top income tax rate.

The rate was cut from 6.9 percent to 5.9 percent.

The second is for the state’s cyclist and is known as Act 650, and it states cyclists must stop at red lights, but they can proceed if traffic is clear.

And cyclists must now slow down at stop signs, but they can continue riding if there are no other cars at the intersection.

The purpose is to increase safety and keep traffic flowing.

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