National Shooting Sports Month

MAYFLOWER — The Dr. James E. Moore Jr. Camp Robinson Firing Range will hold a variety of special offers to its patrons throughout August to celebrate National Shooting Sports Month. Range staff have prepared a variety of promotions to get people off the couch and on the range to prepare for this year’s hunting seasons.

“While we’d love everyone who visits the range to ultimately buy a hunting license and get out into the field this fall, we want to get more people shooting and enjoying the shooting sports,” said Grant Tomlin, assistant chief of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s Education Division. “Taxes on firearms and ammunition contribute a great deal into conservation funding in North America. We want to say ‘Thank you’ to our dedicated shooters and ‘welcome aboard’ to anyone interested in trying out recreational shooting.”

To kick off the month, All pistol and rifle range access from Aug. 1 through Aug. 7 is on the house. All customers shooting at the 200-yard rifle range and 50-yard pistol range can shoot for free.

The free shooting doesn’t end for some at the end of that week. Children from ages 6 to 17 may shoot for free, as well as any adult 65 years old or older for the remainder of the month. All youth under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.    MORE

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